Candle Color Meaning | Reversing Color



Reversing Color

Reversing candles are a special type of candle which are comprised of two layers of wax which has a double action in one candle. Each colors have a very significant meaning: The first color, which is on top represents what you desire or want to happen. The second color is where the real magic begins. When the candle begins to burn the black it removes, releases and returns the negativity sent to you. In returning the bad energy or blockage that has been put on your path you will find things starting to clear for you.

 A double action candle is essentially two spell candles in one - a black candle to reverse and remove negativity and a colored part to bring what you desire: red for love, green for money and white for all-purpose blessings.

BLACK to reverse and remove negativity 


RED for love

GREEN for money

WHITE for all-purpose blessing

Half Red, Half Black

features a red top half and a black bottom half. The red wax will burn first to attract your desire, such as reversing the spell and replacing it with something you want. Once the red wax is burned away, the flame attacks the black wax. This burning will repel and reverse the negative energy and the spell cast on you. That energy will be sent back to its originator.



Half Green, Half Black

The green and black pillar candle is half and half with green wax at the top. The green and black Double Action candle for Reversing bad luck in money could be burned on any day good for money -- Thursday, for instancer.




Half White, Half Black

The white wax in upper half attract health energies while burning the black wax eradicates illness from you.